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Argumentative Essay Introduction Example

An argumentative essay is a kind of written assignment where the author describes a problem or a situation and gives the examples of two contrasting opinions on the topic. One of the most important parts of the argumentative essay is an introduction. The introduction is the part that should interest the reader for the further exploring. In order to achieve this goal, it is vital to understand the structure and important points of the first part of the essay. Firstly, the introduction should contain a problem or question. This is the basis of any argumentative essay. Secondly, this type of a paper is about two opposite opinions on the particular issue. Therefore, the author should give the short description of them in the introduction. It is not necessary to call the arguments of both sides, but it must talk about the fact that there are different opinions. Lastly, the argumentative essay introduction example should contain a few words about the author’s opinion on the problem agreement or disagreement. The following passage is a sample of introduction from the essay on the topic Should people use animals for research?. Science experiments are one of the most authentic ways of obtaining knowledge about the world around. For instance, pharmaceutical companies are widely using animals as an experiment material, because it is believed that medication tested on animals can help to cure human. On one hand, there is an opinion that the use of animals is cruel and wrong from a moral standpoint. On the other hand, the opposite opinion is that science requires the small sacrifices for the great discoveries. In my mind, people should protect animals from the coming extinction and there are several arguments on the topic.

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My Experience With Playing Basketball - 1550 Words

To most basketball is just a game but to me it is so much more. Playing basketball for over 15 years has taught me a lot about life and myself. Whether there is a crowd of people watching me or I am the only one in the gym, once I step on to the court my mind becomes free. There is something about an empty court, headphones in my ears, and the ball in my hands that makes me like I’m right at home. I met some of my closest friends for the first time on the basketball court. My coaches did not just teach me skills on the court but they also acted as father figures in my life. Playing basketball has taught me some of my greatest life lessons. The basketball court has been my second home. Not because I spend countless hours there but because it gives me an opportunity to express myself and escape from reality all while being with people I consider family. I first began playing basketball when I was just four years old. My dad signed me up to play in the city league. The a ge cut off for the league was July 1st. My birthday was not until July 17th so my dad had to lie to get me onto a team. He said that I was born on May 17th while he was signing me up for the league. While I do not have very vivid memories of playing for the first time, I do know that is was something I had wanted to try ever since my older brother began playing. My brother, Chris, is two years older than me. I have always looked up to him and still do this day. Growing up my brother and I wouldShow MoreRelatedMy Competitive Nature Of Sports978 Words   |  4 PagesPlaying intermural basketball was an experience like nothing I have been exposed to before. Our team consisted of 6 kids from various grades and ages. Playing an intermural sport allowed me to express my competitive nature in sports, grow friendships, and ultimately make memories that I will not forget and helped me complete my fitness goals. Intermural basketball brought out many qualities in each of us that are not usually shown in a classroom setting. My competitive nature in sports is veryRead MoreThe Gym Is Located On E Law Lane Essay1591 Words   |  7 Pagesthat played basketball in the SRSC. The gym is located on E Law Lane. For the most part, I only saw males playing basketball in the rooms with the basketball courts in them so, that group was who I chose to focus on. I ended up asking close to 10 people if they would be willing to be interviewed about the sport but, most of them had schedule conflicts or didn’t want to take part in it. Once I found a willing participant who was eager to talk about his experience with playing basketball, the interviewsRead More Playing Basketball Essay695 Words   |  3 PagesPlaying Basketball Being part of the basketball clique in high school helped me learn the intrapersonal and social communication skills I use today. As a child playing basketball was my favorite activity or hobby. Its also the way I met a lot of my good friends that I have now. All my close friends I have met. I have met them through playing basketball.. Whether they were on my team, the opposing team or just fans in the crowd who admired my play. Not only has basketball helped me gain friendsRead MoreWhy I Love Basketball945 Words   |  4 PagesIn my free time, I enjoy a plethora of activities but I have come to the conclusion that basketball is my all-time favorite pastime. Watching the sport on television is just as enjoyable as playing it. Strangely, basketball has always seemed to permeate my life in one way or another. Sometimes, I feel like I was born to dream, live, and even sleep thinking about basketball. Basketball is such an amazing sport and I cannot fathom living in a world in which the sport did not existRead MoreIs Basketball A State Basketball Game?886 Words   |  4 Pagesyou ever been to a State basketball game? Here let me explain to you what state basketball is like. First of all you walk into the gym, it’s huge! You see hundreds of people, you’ve never see this many people in one room before. All you can smell is popcorn and hotdogs, which already excited you because who doesn’t love food? There is extremely loud â€Å"pump up† music playing, you can’t even hear what the person next to you is saying. It is by far one of the best experiences you will ever have. WhenRead MoreI Didn t Start Playing A Kid874 Words   |  4 Pageshowever I think basketball is the most developing community I’ve ever belonged to. Just like any sport, many individuals learn how to play as a kid. Most participate recreationally, while others participate competitively with their peers. I didn’t start playing competitive until I was in middle school. The coach enabled me to become a part of this discourse community. Once I made the team I was a valued member of that community. There were many individuals that influenced me to join. My dad noticed howRead MoreInformation On Future Educational Goals And /899 Words   |  4 PagesI, however, dreamed of playing in the National basketball Association (NBA) and traveling the world as a professional basketball player. I did not posses the courage to tell my mother because she wanted my twin brother and I to be accomplished educators or doctors, but even at the age of six, I told myself if I put my mind to it, I could do anything. Making my dream a reality was not easy and there have been many twists and turns. I have had a passion to play basketball since I was six years oldRead MoreEssay about Can a Job Really Change Your Life?667 Words   |  3 PagesI made several hundred dollars a week by working. Getting my paycheck every two weeks felt so rewarding because I was making money on my own. Towards the end of my freshman year, I received an email from the Newark Museum; I had been accepted into the paid-internship Science Program. During the interview for this position the supervisor was astonished by my academic achievements, the awards I’ve won during my Girl’s Varsity Basketball season, and the volunteer service I’ve done in several placesRead MoreBasketball Is A Game That Millions Of People Love896 Words   |  4 Pages Basketball is a game that millions of people love to watch or play. The game of basketball has been around since 1921. Ever since then the game has evolved dramatically. From beach baskets and soccer balls to glass backboards to leather/rubber balls. As the game has changed people have evaluated the game of basketball. Since I was little, I have been evaluating how basketball works. Everyone is different and may see or judge basketball in another way. One thing that I noticed is that there areRead MorePersonal Statement : Auto Mechanics1512 Words   |  7 Pagessecond grade and most of the times I would finish my classwork earlier than most of my classmates. And, I would usually ask my classmates if they needed help with their work. Also, during recess, I enjoyed playing sports, such as basketball and soccer. Not to mention, I would often stay after school to play basketball with my schoolmates. Furthermore, I also enjoyed playing with my hot wheel cars at home and at times I pretended to fix my cars just like my dad, who is a mechanic. I guess I grew to love

Colours in Othello Essay Example For Students

Colours in Othello Essay Racism-a topic which has always caused conflict throughout history whether it be during the Crusades between European Christians and the Muslim Turks, the Holocaust between the Nazi Germany and the Jewish people, or the slavery and segregation of black people in the United States. It is clear that racism is a serious issue in the play Othello by William Shakespeare as well. Considering the fact that Othello is a Moor, a black man who is married a black man who is also married to Desdemona, a white Christian woman, the stage it set for Shakespeare to explore the theme. Although Othello is highly respected for his achievements in war, his race plays a majour role in the play for it brings out the latent racism that was hidden among many of the characters, leaving the audience to ponder the significance of race. Throughout the play, many characters use racist language to describe Othello in moments of their frustration and anger. When Iago finds out that Othello secretly married Desdemona, he sees it as a great opportunity for revenge since Othello chose Cassio to become his lieutenant instead of himself. What a full fortune does the think-lips owe,/ If he can carryt thus! (I,i,65-66) says Roderigo demonstrating how he is offended to hear Othellos decision in choosing a person who is only theoretical and practically has no military experiences to become his lieutenant. The think-lips description is racist since it describes a dominant facial feature of a black man. He then visits Brabantio, Desdemonas father, with Roderigo and informs him about his daughters affairs with the black moor. This infuriates Brabantio, a very conservative Christian man, because during Shakespearean times, it was considered unnatural for a Christian woman to marry a black man. However, it is Iagos racist commentari es that are the key to what fully brings out Brabantios latent racism. Being a dissembler and having a mischievous mind, Iago is able to manipulate other people through this language and Othello does not question his honesty since he never uses racist language in front of the moor. Still, when talking to Brabantio, Iago says Awake the snorting citizens with the bell,/ Or else the devil will make a grandsire of you (I,i,90-91) demonizing Othello. oull have your daughter/ covered with a Barbary horse (I,i,110-111) says Iago, animalizing Othello as a North African horse before continuing with, our daughter and the/ Moor are now making the beast with two backs (I,i,115-116) which creates a graphic sexual image of Desdemona and Othellos sexual affairs inside Brabantios mind. This fires the fury within Brabantio and when he sees Othello, he says, Damned as thou art, thou hast enchanted her That thou hast practiced on her with foul charms,/ Abused her delicate youth with drugs or minerals that weakens motion I therefore apprehend, and to attach thee/ For an abuser of the world, a practiser/ Of arts inhibited and out of warrant (I,ii,63-79). Here, Brabantio is being racist since he accuses Othello of using foul charms and drugs to lure his daughter in marrying Othello and insinuation that Othello is like a stereotypical black man who must use the black arts. However, it turns out that the only witchcraft that Othello used was the stories of his life which Desdemona became empathetic to. In several parts of the play, Shakespeare uses black and white imagery in describing Othello. In the beginning of the play when Iago is talking with Brabantio, he says, Even now, now, very now, an old black ram/ Is tupping your white ewe (I,i,88-89) illustrating how the moor and Desdemona are having sex and their contrasting skin colours. Othello later points out Desdemonas whiteness as he watches her sleep before killing her and says, Yet Ill not shed her blood,/ Nor scar that whiter skin of hers than snow,/ And smooth as monumental alabaster (V,ii,3-5) meaning that he will not ruin her beauty by shedding her blood, but he also acknowledges Desdemonas whiter skin. He recognizes once again his difference in their colours and also thinks that if he scars her white skin, he will be tainting it like his own as though destroying the goodness still left in her appearance, if not also in her character. When Othello murders Desdemona for her infidelity with Cassio, Emilia says, O the more a ngel she,/ And you the blacker devil Thou dost belie her, and thou art a devil (V,ii,132-135) describing how Desdemona is like a white angel and how Othello is like a black devil. With this being said, the black and white imagery also relates to the good and evil contrast wince colours are very symbolic. White, which is often used to describe Desdemona is symbolic for purity and goodness, while black represents darkness and evil when describing Othello. .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710 , .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710 .postImageUrl , .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710 , .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710:hover , .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710:visited , .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710:active { border:0!important; } .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710:active , .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(https://artscolumbia.org/wp-content/plugins/intelly-related-posts/assets/images/simple-arrow.png)no-repeat; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710 .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u15196be9217937a1e1c581a8e1b56710:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Journey's End, what do you think makes a good officer EssayBy the usage of racist descriptions, and black and white imagery, it may seem as though Othello is not like by his peers; nonetheless, he is actually one of the most respected men of his society. Firstly, he is the Moor of Venice even though he is a black man. During those times, perhaps it was quite impossible for a black man to be in such high rank unless he was either unbelievably rich or had done something very heroic. Othello had earned his position in society for his valor and wisdom in the military. For instance, the Duke says, Valiant Othello, we must straight employ you/ Against the general enemy Ottoman ( I,iii,49-50) indicating him as being valiant and also relying on him in leading the war against the Turks in Cyprus by saying Othello, the fortitude of the place is best/ known to you; and though we have their a substitute/ of most allowed sufficiency, yet opinion, a more/ sovereign mistress of effects, throws a more safer voice on you (I,iii,221-226). It is also very important to note that it is the Duke who says this because a duke is a member of the nobility, historically highest rank below the monarch since being trusted by the Duke also helps Othello in his position of power. When Othello is about to leave the council room the senator calls to him Adieu, brave Moor (I,ii,290) showing how it is not just the duke who is fond of Othellos bravery. Even Iago, still irritated by not being chosen for lieutenant, admits He is a soldier fit to stand by Caesar (II,ii,116) describing Othello as a valorous soldier like Caesar. Thus, it is clear how Othello receives respect by the people even if he is a black man and this is how some people actually look at Othellos inside personality instead of his skin colour and race. Despite the fact that many characters use racist language such as animalizing and demonizing him as well as using black and white imagery which enhances the disparateness of Othello as a black man, it seems as though Othello himself is not offended by this even when they are said straight to his face. This is seen quite clearly because Othello uses black and white imagery himself and says name, that was fresh/ As Dians visage, is now begrimed and black/ As my own face when he is confused whether Desdemona is truthful and is struggling to figure out if he still loves her or not. This demonstrates how racism leads to self-loathing and makes people feel inferior to others and Othello himself probably decided not to bother whether his society treats him as a black man for he noticed that he will not be able to change how he looks from the outside, but rather he can only change who he is form the inside through accomplishments. This leaves the audience pondering whether it is race and ex ternal aspects of people or if it is internal aspects such as personality and the way a person lived their life that really determines a persons success in life. In the end, Iago knows what people really are, and his ability to unleash the latent racism in so many of the other wise noble characters is what leads to the tragic outcome of the play.

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Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper free essay sample

Financial management is very crucial in today’s health care financial procedures. It is one the most important aspects of the financial health care. There are many assessments made- based the financial records and the business transactions that occur within the health care organization. It is crucial the financial records are kept up- to -date and they follow specific guidelines. The books kept up- to- date and in order, this will show the amount of money being brought into the organization for profit and the amount of money the organization has lost in profit. One thing that may cause the honesty of the organization to be on the brinks is the organization financial management and the correctness of the financial books. This paper is about information that will address financial reporting practices and ethics. It will address four financial management functions, summaries that accept accounting principles by generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). We will write a custom essay sample on Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It will also give an example from an article that has reflected ethical standards of conduct and financial reporting. The basic four components of financial management are planning, controlling, organizing and directing and decision making. The preparation is responsibility for financial management to recognize the purposes of the health care organization. The planning step is to â€Å"set directions and allocates resources, the organizing step brings people and material resources together in working condition, the leading step inspires people to best utilize these resources, and the controlling step checks that the right things happen, in the right way, and at the right time† (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, amp; Kramer, 2007,). Controlling is the process of the financial management to ensure that each department of the organization are going by the procedures that was decided. The financial manager should have the reports available to study the most recent financial reports. The reports will help to select what department needs the most consideration to keep the organization going. Organizing and directing is the responsibility of the financial manager to decide in what way to make use of the funds of the organizations most efficiently. Resources such as assets will help the manager to ensure the goals of the healthcare organizations are accomplished. Directing is an everyday job provided that control and support. The final step in the element in financial management is decision making. Planning, organizing, and controlling is a correspondence with the decision making process. The choices will be by the financial manager based on evaluation, analysis and information. Generally accepted accounting principles is a set of financial recommendations used for financial accounting. The recommendations are for preparing financial statements and for setting standards for organizations accountants. According to Baker (2011), â€Å" One of the requirements of GAAP is that unrestricted fund balances be separated from restricted fund balances on the statements, so you see two appropriate line items (restricted and unrestricted) in the fund balance section† (p. 108). GAAP are the rules of accounting. Those guidelines are to arrange the reporting of financial statements that will include the cash flow statements, income statements, and the balance sheet. With the reply of these responsibilities, the Organization of Managing Bookkeepers declared principles of moral conduct for employees of managing bookkeeping and financial management. The principles take account for confidentiality, integrity, and competence. A person must maintain knowledge and the necessary skills is what includes competence. They must always maintain their professional responsibilities and duties in accordance with related rules, technical standards, and regulations. Confidentiality when one should not disclose confidential information, such as health records except when given the right authority to do so. Integrity has the responsibility not to engage in activities that would affect prejudgment, favors that will influence their actions and decision making. According to† Ethical Standards† (n. d),â€Å"Specialists of managing bookkeeping and monetarist managing partake an commitment to the community, their line of work, the institute they work for and themselves, to uphold the utmost principles of decent manner. Hewlett-Packard Company CEO, Mark Hurd turn out to be mixed up in the workplace. According to (Healthfield, 2012), â€Å"Mr. Hurd had failed to disclose a close personal relationship he had with a contractor that constituted a conflict of interest† . †Mr. Hurd also â€Å"failed to maintain accurate expense reports, and misused company assets. † This is an example that reflect ethical standards of conduct a nd financial reporting practices. Practicing accuracy end honesty will help continue the capacity to never misuse the financial systems, and abide by the laws laid out by GAAP. Organizations are providing their employees with the necessary training that will equip them as well as sustain the reporting practices operational but at the time use the similar procedures and show them new procedures. Fraud and abuse is something everyone know when being ethical. By using the GAAP guidelines, keeping the organizational ethics and policies would be free from abuse and fraud. By following the guidelines that comes from the GAAP, they can help prevent fraud and abuse from happening in the health care organization itself. These guidelines are there to help the organization benefit so they will always be ready in case there may come a time when they have to show their financial documents to a third party. Therefore in conclusion, it a major responsibility in financial reporting practices and ethics. Financial managers should implement the four elements of financial management in their reports to avoid fraud, abuse and the risk of breaking ethics. Managers should know how to plan, control, organize and directing and decision making. They should always incorporate the GAAP rules and regulations in order to avoid unethical rulings.

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Price is related to Product, through the characteristics Essay Example

Price is related to Product, through the characteristics Essay Example Price is related to Product, through the characteristics Essay Price is related to Product, through the characteristics Essay Critically assess the benefits of an administration of following a strategic planning position and the troubles in standardizing or accommodating an international services marketing mix. An organisation’s scheme is the design of their planning that reveals to their stakeholders their purpose ; this is reached through the attainment of their aims, intents, and ends. Simply, the administration identifies where they strategically would wish to be, and initiates policies and processs to accomplish these ends. This scheme will so apportion the resources, this is based on its internal competences and defects, and the predictable alterations in the environment. Johnson A ; Scholes ( 1997 ) concluded â€Å"strategic purpose is the coveted future province of the organisation†¦which seeks to concentrate the energies of the members of the administration ( Johnson J A ; Scholes K 1997:15 ) . The addition in the competition and the globalization has increased the demand for a strategic attack to the direction in order to derive competitory advantage and addition gross. When establishing a merchandise into foreign markets the administration has two chief picks standardise or accommodate the selling mix to the new market. This can be a worldwide-standardised selling mix, or a made-to-order selling mix in each single state. However the most of the statement in favor of standardization suggest that it the merchandise is adapted for local markets it will add to the overall cost of bring forthing the merchandise and weaken the trade name on the planetary graduated table. Trade names for illustration Coca-Cola, McDonald, and Levis are all successful standardized trade names ; these merchandises are all targeted at similar groups on a world-wide graduated table ( Groucutt, J. et al 2004 ) . The market development scheme is used by an administration that is either confronting high competition in their current market or low degree of response from the clients, therefore their net income is reduced. As a consequence of these force per unit areas to accomplish uninterrupted growing, a market development scheme either in the same geographics or in a new geographical location is intended to increase market incursion. Administrations are quickly spread outing into new locations as domestic markets become saturated ( Johnson, G A ; Scholes, K 2003 ) . Globalization is a consequence of administrations spread outing into new and foreign markets, which has increased international competition. This has arguably, saturated both the competition in the markets and the mark markets itself. This is through the high degree of competition among the take parting administrations in their market section. This degree of impregnation has increased the demand for farther development in the markets, to accomplish competitory advantage and to utilize merchandises to derive sustainable growing of the concern ( Brassington, F A ; Pettit, S 2003 ) . The rapid development of telecommunication and strong consuming capableness of the young person have created common demands, gustatory sensations and values globally in last two or three decennaries, which has driven international sellers to progressively concentrate on the importance of planetary trade names. Doyle ( 1998 ) commented, Trade names are at the bosom of selling and concern scheme. The intent of selling is to make a penchant for the company s trade name .The tendency towards planetary stigmatization is speed uping quickly. Successful planetary trade names are powerful to obtain a figure of benefits, which include decreased costs, in both production and selling ( Doyle, P 1998: 165 ) . Global stigmatization is achieved by administrations standardizing their merchandises on an international graduated table. This benefits the administration by the important graduated tables of economic system it achieved ( Aaker, D. ( 1991 ) cited in Kotler, P A ; Gertner,D. 2002:249 ) . This is non merely in footings of new trade name development, packaging and fabrication, but besides with the repute of a planetary merchandise they can come in new markets at lower cost than a new national trade names: if you move into a new market with a trade name that is already planetary in range, it reduces the cost of introductory and follow-up selling plans ( Kotler, P A ; Gertner,D. 2002 ) . McDonald s has a strong planetary trade name, which is standardised worldwide. They have 18,380 eating houses in 91 states ; entire gross revenues outside the US ( place state ) contributed 54 % of company income in 2005. MacDonald’s utilises standardization across its eating houses, clients know what to anticipate any where in the universe, when eating at MacDonald’s. The company s attack to merchandise or selling is the same whether in Beijing, Budapest, Melbourne London or Miami ( www.mcdonalds.com ) . The administration has adopted a scheme of selling bing merchandises to new markets, developing new markets ( Ansoff cited in Kotler,P. 2004 ) . . The combination of trade name name and trade name significance has become a core competitory plus in an ever-growing international market topographic point. These trade names â€Å"incite beliefs, evoke emotions and prompt behaviours† ( Aaker, D. ( 1991 ) cited in Kotler, P A ; Gertner,D. 2002:249 ) . Merchandise characteristics are easy imitated ; and can weaken the impact of them ; therefore trade names are considered a seller s major tool for making merchandise distinction ( Kotler, P A ; Gertner,D. 2002 ) . The monetary value is related to Product, through the features of the trade name, it s packaging and overall image. When this image is purchased people are purchasing into an ideal, non merely the physical point. The administration will protects the trade name ; it is an plus and hence topographic points value in it. Brand Management, client consciousness and trueness, is straight linked to the monetary value, therefore care of the relationship between trade name imag es ; quality and monetary value have to be consistent ( Johnson, G A ; Scholes J 2004 ) . Some administrations have a selling policy for international markets on the footing of an incorporate selling mix, instead than selling merchandises designed for the domestic market globally. This method will take some nucleus merchandises and either re-promote them or alter their visual aspect, to provide for the targeted market. The bases for a world-wide selling mix are the same that are used in the domestic market, the principal difference being in the scope of options. The selling mix option includes the facet of merchandising, which is considered individually from publicity ( Kotler, P. 2005 ) . Whitbread PLC is a UK cordial reception administration, which includes such trade names as Premier Travel Inn, Brewers Fayre, Beefeater, Costa, T.G.I. Friday s and David Lloyd Leisure. Their selling scheme is to make value by concentrating on growing in spread outing sectors of the cordial reception industry, chiefly in the UK but besides in a few selected international markets. They have merely expanded internationally with a few of their trade names ( www.whitbread.co.uk ) . Whitbread are developing their merchandises within their bing markets, to derive more usage and market portion ( Ansoff cited in Kotler,P. 2004 ) . The monetary value degrees to be charged in a new market are dependant on the company’s scheme, whether it is differentiated, undifferentiated or concentrated selling. The pick is whether to follow a skimming or incursion attack to pricing, although the determination will depend on how of import the planetary monetary value will be in the overall selling mix. There are legion costs, which have to be considered in pricing determination, for illustration duties, and logistics costs ( Lynch, R 2005 ) . McDonalds’ monetary value is in relation to the local economic system and reflects the income of the state it is runing in ( www.mcdonalds.com ) ; in comparing Hyatt Hotels are priced for their international repute ( www.hyatt.com ) the right pricing for the merchandise and market adds to their competitory advantage. This trade name plus direction is a construct that is closely related to placement, since certain trade names are cardinal to a company s current and future public presentation. They need to be managed, enhanced and protected. This has allowed trade name names such as Coca Cola, Sony, Intel and Disney to widen their trade name into new merchandise classs, and bring forth merchandise discrepancies and services. This enlargement is hard to accomplish, non all trade names are strong plenty to reassign to new markets ( Kotler,P. 2004 ) . It is critical that sellers place the trade name right, and see the tantrum with its properties, values, civilization, benefits, and personality. For illustration Mercedes suggests that it attributes are â€Å"well engineered and good built, it is lasting, high prestigiousness, fast and expensive† . These properties tell the consumer the benefits and values that are placed in the merchandise. These properties represent the German doctrine and civilization, which reassures the consumer the high value of the merchandise. The personality of the merchandise is affluent, good built and dependable ( Kotler, P. 2005 ) . Porter ( 2000 ) discussed that in order to accomplish competitory advantage through pricing scheme of cost leading, is merely possible through the effectual control of organizational costs ( Porter, M ( 2000 ) cited in Kotler, P. et al 2005:508 ) . When this is added to innovation in the production procedure and streamlining of the supply concatenation, it will take to be leading ( Kotler, P. et al 2005 ) . An illustration of an administration that is runing globally with a cost leading scheme is Hyatt Hotels A ; Resorts. They maintain a repute for physical peculiarity ( the trade name is easy recognised ) , and in their hotels they incorporate local art and design, for the comfortss and services provided ( www.hyatt.com ) . Wimpy, McDonalds and Burger King are in a place to derive economic systems of graduated table due to their purchasing power. The world-wide standardization of their merchandises allows them to buy in big measures and have big price reductions. In new markets this reduces the menace of competition on merchandise and monetary value, and increases their competitory advantage. Although with this market section there is ever the menace of permutation, from challengers, other nutrient providers, leisure and amusement ( Brassington, F A ; Pettit, S 2003 ) . The administration can advance internationally through media advertisement, point-of-sale publicity, trade exhibitions, trade carnivals, booklets and direct mail. The handiness of the media is a concern every bit good as costs and linguistic communication considerations for interlingual renditions of promotional literature. The publicity as an component of the selling mix, in the international selling the principal concern is the type of representation that will be adopted ( Kotler, P A ; Gertner,D. 2002 ) . Some organisation’s publicity schemes in international markets is the strength of their logo, for illustration McDonalds is recognised worldwide as the trade name, this reduces media costs ( www.mcdonalds.com ) . One of the most important determination for the international seller is the pick between direct representation or through an agent, distributer or franchising. Direct representation can be really expensive in footings of costs and disbursals, besides the cultural differences can be do it hard to reason dialogues, without an mediator. The topographic point has logistics deductions, which should be considered prior to entry into the market. Hilton, Hyatt, McDonald, Burger King utilize a mix of enlargement methods, which includes franchising, which reduces the fiscal hazard when come ining new markets ( Kotler, P A ; Gertner,D. 2002 ) . Lynch ( 2003 ) stated that distinction is progressively used as a scheme amongst rivals, since the competition is in the mark markets. These markets are now making a degree of impregnation, in footings of competition based upon the monetary value of the merchandises. Furthermore he says, â€Å"that the distinction can be accomplished by two methods† . The first method is the procedure of value add-on where the company strives to separate itself through underscoring upon the quality and the value added to the merchandise they sell to the clients ( Lynch, R 2005 ) . In the leisure industry the high degree of client service and hygiene criterions maintained by both the Hyatt and Hilton Group of hotels is a typical illustration for this scheme. When Market development takes topographic point in a new location, so it is enlargement of the administration. Entry into the market is usually at the same degree as the bing competition, and is the targeted market. ( Lynch, R 2003 ) . An illustration of Market development is the enlargement of Hyatt group of hotels and McDonald into the Far East ; Hyatt has placed itself as a rival in the luxury scope of hotels, whereas McDonald are placed in the fast nutrient section. The administrations have adopted a scheme of selling bing merchandises to new markets ( Ansoff cited in Kotler,P. 2004 ) . The hotel industry is globalizing and the presence of the international rivals in the planetary market is increasing, pudding stones like such as The Hilton group are playing a lead function in the globalization. The partnering of the Hilton hotels with the travel bureaus to pull the international clients, whilst at the same making partnerships with the local trade names to increase the market portion in the local market is a classical illustration that demonstrates the successful usage of Strategic concern Unit of measurements on a planetary position ( Johnson, G. and Scholes, K 2004 ) . Competitive competition can be fierce at the point of entry ; there is the menace of replacement merchandises, and providers and purchasers attempt to command the market ( Porter M cited in Brassington, F A ; Pettitt, S 2003 ) . For this ground McDonald, Burger King and Wimpey use the same providers ( every bit much as possible ) globally, this reduces the hazard and standardises their merchandises in international markets ( Brassington, F A ; Pettitt, S 2003 ) . Mentions Brassington, F A ; Pettitt, S ( 2003 ) ( 3rdEdition )Principles of Marketing Prentice Hall, Financial Times Publishing, UK Doyle, P. ( 1998 )Invention in selling Butterworth-Heinemann Oxford Groucutt, J. et Al ( 2004 )Marketing Essential Principals and New worlds Kogan A ; Page, Great Britain Johnson, G A ; Scholes, K. ( 1997 ) ( 4ThursdayEdition )Researching Corporate SchemePrentice Hall, London Johnson, G A ; Scholes J ( 2004 ) ( 6ThursdayEdition )Researching Corporate Scheme Prentice Hall, Hemmel Hempstead. Kotler, P A ; Gertner, D. ( 2002 )State as trade name, merchandise, and beyond: A topographic point selling and trade name direction positionJournal of Brand Management, London: Apr 2002.Vol.9, Iss.4/5 Kotler,P. ( 2004 )A three-part program for upgrading your selling section for new challengesStrategy A ; Leadership.Chicago: 2004.Vol.32, Iss.5 Kotler, P et Al ( 2005 ) ( 4th European edition )Principles of selling Pearson, Prentice-Hall, London Lynch, R ( 2003 )Corporate Scheme Prentice Hall, Financial Times Publishing, UK www.hyatt.com www.mcdonalds.com www.whitbread.co.uk

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Caffein Blues

Despite the short encounter between coffee and North American culture, coffee has gained popularity and gained worldwide reputation. It is not difficult to find a group of people drinking 'Latte Coffee' while reading a morning newspaper, or a group of business executives drinking 'dark barbecue'. On campus, students hold textbooks on the one hand and Mocha on the other hand. According to Starbucks, net profit in October 2005 alone reached $ 550 million (Starbucks). The origin of caffeine is unknown. However, Caffein Bruce: talks about the hidden dangers of waking up the first medicine in the United States, Steven Chernike, M. S, the story, and traces its discoveries to the house of Ethiopian ranch. Apparently, the shepherd is looking at a bird that eats the fruits of a wild evergreen shrub. To my surprise, these animals began to jump suddenly unexpectedly. Then he tried some fruits and began to jump immediately (13-14). They called it a coffee factory and became an Arab monk in the 1 3th century. Then they discovered that the beans of this plant can become drinks, so ... to make coffee. Finally, there is no longer any falling asleep when praying (Cherniske 14) American coffee addicts are more likely than any other type of drug addicts. In his book Caffeine Blues, Stephen Cherniske pointed out cocaine, heroin, even even marijuana. The main substance is caffeine. Does anyone know how much caffeine is contained in 6 ounce coffee? There are 100 mg. 1 cup of coffee or 6 oz of caffeine. People who care may think like this, 100 mg takes 6 hours. Looping away from the system. Starbucks' small coffee and tall coffee is 12 oz. It is caffeine 200 mg. If you are drinking Starbucks at 3 pm and then after 9 pm, you will still have about 100 mg in your system. You may still fall asleep, but your body will be deprived of the benefit of a deep sleep. People who care, I can still sleep 8 hours a day, you have to think again. That's why the next day you feel bad, you need to compe nsate for your system with caffeine. Caffeine Caffeine is a stimulant that can ruin our ability to fall asleep. Just because I think that it does not mean that it does not affect your body. If you want to drink coffee it is best to do so early in the day to allow caffeine to wear out. Please set a deadline for 2 PM for yourself. Electronic Devices Artificial light may interfere with sleeping, so you may stay up late at night by phone, laptop computer or television. It is best to keep these devices away from the bed or separate rooms so that your bedroom will be a place to sleep rather than surfing the internet.

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PDP (personal development plan) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

PDP (personal development plan) - Assignment Example I have always been a very independent person who prefers to work autonomously in nearly all aspects of academics and professional life. However, with the advent of internal business auditing and external auditing consultants that continuously monitor business function and adherence to accepted accounting standards, I realised that team-working was a very strong deficiency at the personal level. Auditing systems designed to measure compliance require collaboration between accounting professionals, management and a variety of external servicepersons which prevents autonomous working. Diagnostically, I discovered through secondary research literature that many companies do not rotate their auditing teams, which builds familiarity with business professionals throughout the organisation and familiarises auditing servicepersons sustaining years of tenure with business operations, accounting procedures relevant for the business, and social relationship development.1 This will require freque nt interaction, communication and collaboration with a variety of business professionals that will expect contribution to discussion and mutual respect. This tends to conflict with my traditional need to work in segregation from others in the organisation. Developing my cooperative abilities, therefore, was established as my SMART goal since it is going to be a realistic part of the accounting environment when entering the workplace. I determined that the most appropriate goal was to ensure that I gained experience working with others by purposely engaging myself with team activities both in-school and in terms of extracurricular activities. I decided that I would begin attending study sessions and attempt working collaboratively with individuals at the Student Union in order to prepare myself for partnered study and building a sense of inter-dependency with diverse individuals maintaining unique viewpoints. This was the most practical and viable methodology of learning teamwork,